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Analysis Paralysis
Sing to the Audience, Not Inside Your Head

Yvonne M. DeBandi, BME

October 30, 2013

ANALYSIS PARALYSIS is the one main reason that some natural born singers hesitate to study vocal mechanics.

I have a student who was born with both a beautiful spirit and a beautiful natural voice. That love and natural talent provided a job as a working singer as a young adult, and natural talent continued to pull through for quite some time; but, unfortunately things changed. As more and more demands were placed on the voice, things began to fall apart. The natural talent was still there, and the unique vocal timbre still existed, but the machine that provided the power underneath was failing. While the vocal instrument makeup provided for a beautiful sound, and spirit provided a wonderful emotional performance; all the wrong muscles were being used to create a power source. This resulted in loss of voice, inability to hold clear tones, inability to handle register shifts and more.

This particular singer was reluctant to take singing lessons because of the rumours that singing lessons would change your voice. Well, duh, singing lessons are supposed change your voice! That's why you take them. They do not, however, have to change your signature sound. Voice lessons and learning vocal mechanics should teach you HOW to sing, HOW to support your signature sound, not take away from it.

Unfortunately beginning vocal lessons, especially for a working singer, can create a few snags. The cliche "knowing just enough to be dangerous" comes to mind. A singer in this situation (or on the flip side, a singer not so naturally gifted wanting to sing so bad) tends to begin thinking of singing in terms of "right" and "wrong". This thought focus will mess up anyone's mojo and Analysis Paralysis is inevitable: The experience of over-analyzing every sound and feeling to the point of stripping away everything that used to come naturally for you, paralyzing the artist within.

Being a vocal coach that specializes in vocal mechanics I completely understand this danger. After helping young singers strengthen and balance their vocal machines all day, performing that evening can cause all kinds of warning bells to go off in the head. If I wasn't careful I could spend so much time trying to get the machine "perfect" that the emotional aspect and spirit of the performance would be totally lost.

I admit that I have had some challenges along the way, but found a perspective that helped me step back and take control. Since I hear about this challenge a lot and know that it keeps some singers from studying vocal mechanics and ultimately from singing up to their potential, I thought I would share my experience and hopefully help some with this struggle.

When practicing and performing, I actually envision the ARTIST and the MECHANIC as two separate entities in my mind. Before every performance I call both of them to the deck as I warm-up. As an ARTIST I am looking for the specific tone I wish to create and as the MECHANIC I want to make sure the action is executed with the least amount of effort possible. The ARTIST listens to the sound and the MECHANIC is instructed to perform certain actions until all the "gears" are running smoothly. At that point it is time for the MECHANIC to go away so the ARTIST can focus on the upcoming performance.

During the actual performance focusing on the song's message is paramount, what do you feel and what do you want the audience to feel. Since I have practiced the material, I already know the "race track." If I were driving on the track, it would be my skills and how I USE the car that makes the difference. I wouldn't let the mechanic tell me how to drive, I would USE the car to accomplish my goal. In singing it is the same.

During the song performance, the MECHANIC stays at bay. The artist is in full control...unless something goes wrong (and let's face it, the voice is a biological instrument, things are going to go wrong at times). It is during those moments that my knowledge of the vocal machine comes into play. If I were that race driver and there was a mechanic malfunction, knowing how to handle the machine could save my life, just like vocal mechanics can help you save a song by knowing how to handle issues as they arise.

For example, you experience an issue where everything feels the same but high notes are disappearing into thin air. SingSMART Vocal Mechanics would know they need to adjust their airflow, specifically increasing the air speed and focusing their airstream.

Or if you are singing lower notes and all of a sudden you get a strained tone and the action of singing becomes "harder". You would know you (1) need to make sure the throat and jaw are relaxed; (2) adjust your airflow balance (you are pushing too much air, too fast); and (3) to adjust your mouth and use your teeth as a reflective surface (to give the lower note more carrying power -- it kinda works like turning up the highs on the eq).

These are two very simple examples of actions you can take based on what you hear and feel. Singing should feel easy, if it's not there are probably some very simple vocal mechanic adjustments that would change your singing life.

Singing is a beautiful artform that everyone can enjoy, but unless you are a prodigy you probably won't be nominated for singer of the year without a little work. Think about giving yourself a vocal tune-up by learning more about vocal mechanics, but when you do also remember to "drive the car". Don't overthink it so much that you begin to wreck with every pot-hole. Use vocal workouts to work on skills, work on applying the skill to song sections and then sing the song!

And, while it is true that singing is a balance of many skills, don't hestitate to concentrate on one skill at a time and let the rest of the machine run on auto pilot. Most of the vocal machine is made up of muscles so the key is repetition. But be smart about it and actually learn the skills. Remember, Whatever you repeat over and over will result in a habit, good or not so good.

The SingSMART Vocal Curriculums (Singing is Easy, You Can Sing with Impact and the Step-by-Step SingSMART Series) are designed in step-by-step method for a reason. Using the Ten Steps to Singing Success system keeps the singer from developing poor choice habits as a side effect. Even if you have been singing for awhile, starting at the beginning of this type of training and self-evaluation course will step up your game. The course is also designed to grow with you, meaning you will find that each time you take the ten-step course, you understand things and see connections you didn't realize before.

So yes. Analysis Paralysis is a real thing, it's true. But it's only a real thing if you let it be. It certainly shouldn't be such a real fear that it keeps a singer from reaching their dreams. Using vocal mechanics a SMART Singer learns to control and direct their machine, enhancing the artisic performance, not hindering it.

My personal experience as both a professional singer and vocal coach has been that vocal mechanics helps a singer understand how their voice works, how much control they have over it, and using this knowledge I have heard many singers achieve vocal greatness.

Are you singing up to your potential? Get SMART about it!

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Mark Baxter

by Vocal Coach Mark Baxter

David Bowie has a fast one. Mary J. Blige has a slow, sultry, one. Maynard James Keenan doesn't have a trace of one. Singing with vibrato is a matter of taste. Having a choice is a matter of control. For most singers, the subtle, rhythmical movement of vibrato feels more like fate. When you want vibrato, it hides on you; don't think about it, and it shimmers on the end of a note. Vibrato brings vitality to a voice. Sound without variation is boring.

Compare a refrigerator to a fly buzzing around. The steady hum of the compressor quickly becomes background noise while the bug gets harder to ignore. With the exception of rappers and singers like Beck who don't sustain notes, those without vibrato tend to rely on overdrive to create excitement. This often leads to blow outs. The more vocal colors available on your pallet, like vibrato, breathy, nasal and gritty, the easier it will be to paint an interesting portrait of a song without killing yourself.

The mechanics of vibrato are simple and reflexive, which is what makes it so elusive. Picture the fret hand of a guitarist sustaining a note. The finger movement alters the length of the string creating a slight waver in pitch. Things are just a little more complex with the voice.

Like a stringed instrument, the tension of the vocal folds is varied rhythmically, creating movement in pitch. Along with this tension change, though, is a variation in the thickness of the vocal fold. The combined movements of pitch, volume and tone are what set vibrato apart from tremolo (change in volume only) and wobble (change in pitch only).

Tension squashes vibrato. Not just the obvious neck bulging stuff, but subtle everyday stiffness can neutralize it as well. Like the freedom required to wiggle your finger when sustaining a note on guitar, vocal vibrato requires muscle independence. Backing off the air pressure is the first step to releasing your voice. Let the ability to produce vibrato be your guide.

Lay down flat on your back and place your hand on your belly button. Breath so that your hand rises and falls. Now sing a comfortable note and look for the presence of vibrato. If the pitch is stiff notice what your abs are doing. Are they contracting to drive the note? Check the behavior on various pitches.

If you push too much from your stomach, the muscles surrounding the larynx will brace and vibrato will be lost. Reduce the volume and try again. The goal is to reduce the air pressure to the point where flexibility is found. Don't be alarmed if this only happens at very low volumes. With practice, you'll be able to increase the volume without loading the neck with pressure. Strike the proper balance during a song and vibrato will blossom. That's why it tends to come in at the ends of notes; once we feel safely on pitch, we ease off the pressure a bit.

Another check for vibrato-eating throat tension is to rotate your head in a small circle when singing. Pretend you are tracing the outline of a quarter with your nose. Does the rotation stop when you begin to sing? Is it stiffer on high notes? Again, reduce the volume until you find the correct air pressure. Neck tension is not a requirement of singing loud or high. We often see singers so locked up in the neck that they literally have to shake their heads or jaws in order to create vibrato. In the same way, a guitar player who needs to shake the guitar to move a note must be applying a death grip on that fretboard.

There's nothing wrong with using force to make a strong statement. Too often, though, the statement it makes is that we are overcompensating to mask weakness. Be brave and do the dirty work in private. Use vibrato as your guide and discover the power within.


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Yvonne DeBandi, BME, is the creator of the SingSMART, Not Hard™ Vocal Training Method, The Ten Steps to Singing Success Training Process and author of Singing is Easy!™, You Can Sing with Impact™ and Affordable Singing Lessons™.

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by Brett Manning

Take your "vocal coach" with you anywhere! Learn at home, practice in your car, or warm-up backstage before your big performance. Increase your vocal Range and Power and improve your Tone, Style, Pitch, and Control. If you have control of your voice, you can sing whatever you want.

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A Non-Classical Approach

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The way the music business is today, singers need to know how to sight sing. We are continually handed music in the recording studio and in rehearsals for stage shows, and we are expected to read it the way most instrumentalists can. Unfortunately, most singers haven't received the training they need to read music. They never learned to read any kind of music, especially not modern pop music. This book presents a system for learning the grammar of music - the rules by which it is understood. Music must make "sense". It usually follows rules that make it sound "right" to our ears. Throughout our lives we have developed instincts about music based on these rules, whether we know it or not. But if we rely on these instincts alone, we wind up making mistakes by singing what makes sense to us or what we hear in our head, rather than what is actually written on the page. The two may not be the same. The system presented in this book will keep you focused on the page and not on the "melody maker" in your head.



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The Complete Method
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This book is designed for the singer who has no background in reading music. With consistent work habits and patience, you will develop a strong foundation in reading rhythms and sightsinging melodies. Knowing how to read music may not turn you into a great singer, but it will give you the confidence you need to improve as a singer. THis knowledge will help you learn songs faster, ease your fear of other musicians finding out that you know nothing about music, improve your musical ears, and turn you into a singer/musician who knows his or her craft.



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Exercise - Maintain - Advance

If you have always wanted to be an elite and successful singer, like any athlete, you need to exercise the muscles and membranes involved with the physical activity. You can study the song's story and emotions all you want...and while that may lead you to an exciting emotional performance, that is not a long-term plan. Your audience won't put up with all fluff and no substance for long! Would you? The A2Z SingSMART™ Vocal Exercise Collection provides and easy, fun and effective system for singers. The system provides a large variety of both Classic and Contemporary Style Vocal Exercise with the ability to change the tempo (speed) and key (high/low) on-the-spot.

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