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Singing Lessons P = Performance Power

a)Acting 101, b) Singing, Acting through Song, c) Battling Stage Fright. A general introduction to learning how to sing a sincere vocal performance.

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Singing Lessons B = Breathing for Singers 101

Breathing properly for singing is the most important foundation technique. Each and every tone we create is carried on the airflow of our breath. The more control you have over the air flow, the more control you will have over your singing tone.

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Singing Lessons F = First Impressions are Hard to Erase

During an audition or performance situation it is some times necessary to introduce yourself. Be sure to get started on the right foot because sometimes you only have thirty seconds to make an impression. Practice introducing yourself in front of the mirror and analyze your first impression-no matter how silly you feel. Learn from opinions, but do what feels right.

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Singing Lessons T = Tone Placement

...Remember that everything in singing is about balance. If you have a good foundation of vocal mechanics, which includes tone placement as described herein, you can learn to utilize other placements for stylistic effects...

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Singing Lessons F = First Things First

Music changes with time. Browsing through internet archives makes it easy to see how music, melody structures and sounds have all evolved over the years. The influence of commercial music on young singers is always strong; creating a phenonmenon that is interesting for everyone and important for voice teachers to understand...

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Singing Lessons M = Mastering Resonance

…This experiment should do the trick to show you how different vowels change the shape and the “central point” inside your mouth. Since changing the size and the shape of a resonating cavity changes the tone of your voice (and your mouth is the all important Oral Cavity), it becomes more obvious of how the pronunciation of words and controlling articulation effects singing...

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Singing Lessons P = Productive Vocal Practice

Studies have proven that a child who learns good study habits will have an easier and more rewarding educational experience. Did you know the same is true for singing? While it is important to exercise and work our voices often, when practicing song material it is not always how much or how long you practice, but whether or not your practice time is productive. How do you rate your practice time?

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Singing Lessons S = The Effects of Stress on Singing Voice Accuracy.

OBJECTIVE: The quality of a music performance can be lessened or enhanced if the performer experiences stressful conditions. In addition, the quality of a sung performance requires control of the fundamental frequency of the voice, which is particularly sensitive to stress. The present study aimed to clarify the effects of stress on singing voice accuracy.

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Singing Lessons H = Hear the Note in Your Head

If you have ever watched American Idol® then you have heard the word "pitchy" thrown around more than once. A lot of this singing challenge can be avoided by practicing one skill until it becomes a habit. That means you focus on achieving it until it becomes a regular part of your performance. This skill is hearing the note in your head before you sing it.

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Singing Lessons P = Power Breathing

Power lunch. Power walk. Power nap. Hey, as long as we're making ourselves feel powerful by renaming natural activities, allow me to introduce my superturbo, patent-pending breathing technique for singers. To be honest, there's nothing new about power breathing. Every baby on the planet has the technique down. Power breathing is what allows infants to scream for hours on end.

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Singing Lessons A = Anatomy 101

"Welcome students. Today we will take a look at the basic parts of our vocal instrument. I'm sure you considered cutting this class; singers rarely educate themselves on the various parts of the body. They fear the knowledge will hamper free spirit. Ironically, this attitude often inhibits vocal ability due to common misconceptions. Many of us maintain a cartoon-like perception of anatomy.

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Singing Lessons O = Own the Song You Sing

Once you understand the mechanics of singing, the fun part really begins. The color and character you add to your singing tone and vocal performance can be as unique as your fingerprint.

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Singing Lessons J = Jumping Jacks can Save the Day

There are many reasons why singers might not have breath control at a performance. Whether you suffer stage fright, haven't been diligent with your exercise routine or been sedentary that particular day, getting your vocal performance power source to work at it's very best sometimes requires a kick-start...

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Singing Lessons B = Beethoven, a Character Study - EBOOK

If Bach is the mathematician of music, as has been asserted, Beethoven is its philosopher. In his work the philosophic spirit comes to the fore. To the genius of the musician is added in Beethoven a wide mental grasp, an altruistic spirit, that seeks to help humanity on the upward path. He addresses the intellect of mankind.

Up to Beethoven's time musicians in general (Bach is always an exception) performed their work without the aid of an intellect for the most part; they worked by intuition. In everything outside their art they were like children. Beethoven was the first one having the independence to think for himself—the first to have ideas on subjects unconnected with his art. He it was who established the dignity of the artist over that of the simply well-born. His entire life was a protest against the pretensions of birth over mind. His predecessors, to a great extent subjugated by their social superiors, sought only to please. Nothing further was expected of them. This mental attitude is apparent in their work. The language of the courtier is usually polished, but will never have the virility that characterizes the speech of the free man.

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Singing Lessons I = The Imposter Syndrome

The voice is both the most important and misunderstood instrument in popular music. On the local scene the vocals are often an afterthought, barely touched on in rehearsals, under-mixed live and hurried in the studio. On the national scene the singer IS the band....

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