Free Singing Lessons OnlineThis site contains FREE SINGING LESSONS along with information on where to get some of the best detailed and organized singing lessons in the world. Learn how to sing better and improve your singing voice.

The A2Z Smart Music Group and its founders have been helping singers reach their goals since 1993 and are happy to offer FREE SINGING LESSONS and TIPS where professional singers, beginning singers and vocal coaches can also join together to share input.

Keep in mind that FREE SINGING LESSONS and TIPS are a great way to grab a tidbit of knowledge; but, if you REALLY WANT TO FIND YOUR VOICE, you will have more success with a vocal training program designed with organized concepts in mind.  We specialize in the HOW and WHY in singing - turning the abstract into easy actions that are completely under your control.

Train with a SingSMART™ vocal training program or join the A2Z SingSMART Music Academy and really learn how to:

OBSERVE your current actions

IDENTIFY your personal challenges.

ADJUST actions to achieve a better result.


FIND YOUR VOICE and learn how easy it is to create the sound you have always wanted!

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When you are ready to take your VOCAL TRAINING to the NEXT STEP, visit one of these sites to find everything you need.  Need help deciding what is right for you?  A2Z HELP DESK.

Learn How to Sing Online - offers IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD SINGING LESSONS as well as books, DVDs, singing lessons software and more, including training for other instruments and singer/songwriters.

Learn How to Sing Better with the 10 Steps to Singing Success

A2Z SingSmart Music Academy - offers monthly or annual registration to online singing lessons (with download and print privileges), as well as access to Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi, BME, expert vocal mechanic and creator of the SingSMART™, Not Hard Vocal Training Method and vocal pedagogy training tools.

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