A High Quality Vocal Tone Requires a Concentrated AirStream

A High Quality Vocal Tone Requires a Concentrated AirStream

One way to test whether your air stream is concentrated is by blowing out candles. A concentrated and supported moving stream (as if through a straw) will blow out a candle fairly easy. A wide stream with no support will make the task much harder.

TRY IT YOURSELF!  Light a candle and see how easy it is for you to extinguish the flame.  If you are under 18 please ask your parents before you do this experiment and everyone be sure to put the candle in a safe place!

If you struggle with your airflow abilities and holding a vocal tone, why not take a quick lesson that focuses on increasing your breathing for singing skills. The following singing lessons are available for immediate online download for a very affordable price.

Learn more about breathing for singing here:

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Breathing for Singing 103 – Focus on Exhalation

Breathing for Singing 104 – Increase Breathing Control

Breathing for Singing 105 – Increase Breathing Capacity

These BREATHING SINGING LESSONS are also available to registered students at the A2Z SingSmart™ Music Academy


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