Am I Stuck with the Voice I was Born With or Can I Change it?

Am I Stuck with the Voice I was Born With or Can I Change it?

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It’s true. You are stuck with the voice you were given at birth (**See exceptions below).  The size and shape of your vocal cords, along with the size and shape of your resonating cavities determines your unique and personal vocal fingerprint; but, that is also what MAKES YOUR VOICE SO SPECIAL.

The GOOD NEWS is — if you don’t like the way you sound when you sing, YOU CAN CHANGE THAT! Most people who ask this question are singing with inferior technique, resulting in poor voice.  This is not the fault of the vocal instrument …it’s because of the unskilled musician playing it.

Singing well requires a balance of certain mechanisms inside your body.  Some people do these things naturally, but most of us have to learn and practice these skills. The SingSMART™ vocal technique has broken these skills into step by step instructions.

10 Easy Steps to Singing Success!

Learn How to Sing Better with the 10 Steps to Singing Success
Learn the 10 Steps to Singing Success and become a SMART singer!

Singing Lessons Step #01:  Tuning the Instrument – Mind, Body & Spirit

Singing Lessons Step #02:  Airflow – Breathing for Singing

Singing Lessons Step #03:  Tone Creation – Best Tone with Least Effort

Singing Lessons Step #04:  Diaphragm Support – Strength, Flexibility & Stamina

Singing Lessons Step #05:  Resonance  – Giving Life to Your Vocal Tone

Singing Lessons Step #06:  Tone Placement – Steering the Vocal Machine

Singing Lessons Step #07:  Smart Choices – Observe, Identify & Adjust Technique

Singing Lessons Step #08:  Signature Sound – Mastering & Defining your Personal Style

Singing Lessons Step #09: Vocal Performance – Power & Presence

Singing Lessons Step #10:  Vocal Maintenance – Use it or Lose it

If you have any questions about how to master any of the skills above, we can help.  Not only that, we can make the training fast, easy and FUN!  Learn How to be a SMART Singer today and join the thousands of singers that have discovered the joy of singing well.

Don’t hide your singing voice in the shower any more!  Share your vocal gifts with the world!


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  1.  If you have cosmetic surgery which affects the size/shape of your nasal cavity, jaw flexibility or function, etc., this may change your singing voice.
  2. Growth and Hormones change how you sound.  Most people are familiar with the changing voice of an adolescent teen boy.  This has to do with hormones.  As more testosterone enters the body, the vocal cords will thicken.  This changes the instrument and therefore, changes the sound.  This is also true as adults get older.  As more estrogen/testosterone enters or leaves the body, this has the potential to affect the size and shape of the vocal cords.  Often times, women’s voices will become slightly lower and men’s voices become slightly higher.
  3. Certain medications and birth control solutions affect the thickness of the vocal cords and has the potential to alter the tone of your voice.

It should be mentioned that while hormones do have the ability of changing a person’s voice and vocal tone as they get older; generally speaking, more drastic changes are made by alterations in physical fitness and cardio health. Be a Vocal Athlete! Stop sitting on the sidelines.

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