Humming is a Healthy Choice!

Humming is a Healthy Choice!

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I’ve had many singers ask me lately about sinus issues and sore throats. This article is not by any means supposed to replace a doctor’s visit or their instructions, but thought I would share a technique I have used for years to help reduce inflammation and take care of my personal issues with sinus congestion and throat irritations >> Humming.

My favorite and seemingly most effective exercise is humming a pitch in the middle of my comfortable range (feel vibrations in your mouth), or just slightly higher (feel vibrations more in your nose – these sensations will be less intense). Now slide down to a comfortable low pitch and do this repeatedly. It should feel easy and not stressful, so don’t push the sound for volume. You should feel nothing in your throat, only the vibrations you create. The slower the Hum Slide, the better!

While the air will be coming out of your nose, humming traps these sound frequencies in your body…and frequencies affect all matter, including the matter in our bodies. And frequency therapy has been known to kill all kinds of germs, as well as have other healthy positive effects!

Not sure you understand how frequencies affect all matter? Check out this video and you will see what we are talking about… and then get to humming!

As I watched this video I had one other thought I would like to share >> people say we are what we eat, but perhaps we should also say we are what we hear. If you are an individual that gets agitated when listening to certain styles of music, perhaps this video will also shed some light on that topic! ENJOY.

The copyright of this video is owned by it’s creators and used an educational reference only.


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