Meet Your Diaphragm, Breathing for Singing and Good Health

Meet Your Diaphragm, Breathing for Singing and Good Health

© Yvonne M. DeBandi, BME

Many students have been asking for videos of how the diaphragm works, so I ventured into YouTube to find a video that showed the internal workings.

One video in particular showed the diaphragm movement better than any other, and also explained the benefits of taking deep and slow breaths. Yes, singing is good for your health – deep breathing being only one of the reasons!

This particular video focuses on BELLY BREATHING which is a technique taught by many vocal teachers. The SingSMART&8482; Vocal Training Method focuses on FULL BODY BREATHING, which includes bringing air into the belly while also expanding your sides and back.

Not sure how that works? In addition to watching this video, try this simple exercise: Sit in a chair and put your elbows on your knees. This will basically cut off easy movement of the belly and force the air into back.

Learning to use full body breaths will not only increase the oxygen in your body, promoting good health, it will also provide you with the airflow you need to create consistent and strong vocal tones.

Learning to control the actions of the diaphragm using these conscious breathing techniques will put you on the path to singing at your very best. To learn more about BREATHING FOR SINGING, click the links below and get started online today.

These SINGING LESSONS ONLINE are a great way to improve your singing voice and learn better breathing techniques that will not only improve your singing, but also improve your health!

Singing Lessons Online - Vocal Performance Power Pack
Learn how to sing with Online Singing Lessons and the SingSMART™ Vocal Training Method and Techniques.
Singing Lesson 0201 - Breathing for Singing, Important Basics
Learn the absolute necessities about breathing for singing with this immediate singing lessons download. This is one lesson that could truly change your singing life.
Singing Lessons 0202 - Breathing for Singing : Inhalation
Your car won’t run without gas..although sometimes you can get down the street on fumes. The same thing is true of singing. You might be able to sing without concentrating on filling up your AIR TANK, but you won’t get the same mileage out of your voice.
Singing Lessons 0203 - Breathing for Singing : Exhalation
Just following the motions of breathing properly for singing will improve your vocal finesse, but REALLY learning how to use the airflow to your advantage will put you on the path to being a vocal pro.
This lesson is FILLED with unique concepts and analogies that will help you understand how to tweak your air stream to achieve the best possible results >> the sound you want!

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