NEW SINGING LESSON ONLINE: Breathing for Singing, Improve Breath Control

NEW SINGING LESSON ONLINE: Breathing for Singing, Improve Breath Control


Improving Breath Control for Singing

Learn How to Sing Better by improving your breath control.
Learn How to Sing Better by improving your breath control.

In SingSMART™ Singing Lessons 0201-0203 we learned about the best overal choices for breathing during the act of singing and also concentrated on HOW the diaphragm is supposed to function during inhalation and exhalation.

We recommend these lessons as prerequisites in order to completely understand the concepts and exercises presented in SingSMART™ Singing Lesson #0204.

In this singing lesson we learn how to increase our skill level of breath control.

The act of breathing is a voluntary/involuntary action.  Meaning we can choose to hold our breath, but when our body decides it needs oxygen it will “trump” conscious free will and force air intake. And, because breathing is so very near and dear to our survival, it is
an automatic function that most of us don’t think about unless our attention is called in that direction. Consequently, you have a lot
more control over your breathing than you might realize.

While our bodies are programmed for survival, they are not necessarily programmed for 100% efficiency without mental involvement. That means that unless you are already an accomplished athlete, the full potential of your breathing abilities hasn’t even been explored, much less developed. And if you are an athlete, doesn’t necessarily mean you are making the best choices when singing if you haven’t paid attention to that aspect of your performance.

Keep in mind that your current muscle memory and association with breathing will be quite strong. Conscious repetition with better choices for singing is the only way to rewrite the muscle memory and associations.

Breathing with poor choices during singing is one of the MOST COMMON reasons that a singer doesn’t reach their full potential or ability level during performance.

This singing lesson includes: One Zipped File

  • One detailed .pdf singing lesson;
  • Two .mp3 audio file breathing exercises

DOWNLOAD NOW:  Singing Lesson 0204, Breathing for Singing: Improve Breath Control

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Singing Lesson 0201 - Breathing for Singing, Important Basics
Learn the absolute necessities about breathing for singing with this immediate singing lessons download. This is one lesson that could truly change your singing life.
Singing Lessons 0202 - Breathing for Singing : Inhalation
Your car won’t run without gas..although sometimes you can get down the street on fumes. The same thing is true of singing. You might be able to sing without concentrating on filling up your AIR TANK, but you won’t get the same mileage out of your voice.
Singing Lessons 0203 - Breathing for Singing : Exhalation
Just following the motions of breathing properly for singing will improve your vocal finesse, but REALLY learning how to use the airflow to your advantage will put you on the path to being a vocal pro.
This lesson is FILLED with unique concepts and analogies that will help you understand how to tweak your air stream to achieve the best possible results >> the sound you want!

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