Sing Smart Academy coming on

Sing Smart Academy coming on

a2z-smart-music-academy_003_001FREE SINGING LESSONS in Virtual World Environment.

Inspiration Island on is currently building A2Z SingSmartâ„¢ Music Virtual Academy (Virtual Campus #2).

Virtual world campuses provide an opportunity to learn concepts with 3D visual aids and also allows you to communicate with Coach Yvonne and other singers on their vocal training journey. Access to the A2Z SingSMART Virtual World Campuses is FREE!

Virtual world campuses also provide the opportunity for singers to perform in front of world-wide audiences.  Using an audio stream (from your living room computer), you can sing live concerts! Join us today.

Stay updated on our progress and learn how to join us here:
Inspiration Island

SINGING LESSONS: Virtual Campus #1 (

The satellite campus is also available and will remain on the Nashville Sim in