STEP 01: Tuning the Vocal Instrument

STEP 01: Tuning the Vocal Instrument

How to Sing Step 01
This step seems so logical and remedial, but is the one step most singers skip..keeping them from singing up to true their ability level!

Preparing the Mind Body and Spirit is the one step most singers skip, sad to say, as not preparing to sing by relieving stress and bringing oxygen into your body is like playing a violin or guitar without tuning the strings first.

There are many ways to accomplish this Singing Step from yoga, to physical cardio exercises of your choice to meditation.  Everyone is a little different and needs to find their own method to accomplish the tuning … but there are also constants.  Meaning…every singer will provide a better performance if there is less stress in the shoulders, jaw, face, neck, etc., and every singer will sing better if they take a moment to get their heart rate accelerated to wake up their body before a performance.  Most if not all people, also have some amount of performance anxiety.  Identifying your personal anxiety challenges and learning to overcome them can improve your performance by leaps and bounds!

STAY TUNED for the next post where we take a look at Step 02 of the Ten Steps to Singing Success TM! And if you missed it, we highly recommend you take a look at Things Every Singer Needs to Know!


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Aligning your vocal instrument is very important when it comes to singing at your best. This lesson helps you achieve this with some unique and original concepts.
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Step 01 – Lesson 0102 : Are you singing like an athlete or a spectator on the sidelines?
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Singing Lesson 0104 - Jaw Tension
Step 01 – Lesson 0104 : Jaw tension is a #1 killer of good vocal tone and most singers don’t even realize they have it.
Singing Lessons 0105 - Singers are Actors Too
Step 01 – Lesson 0105 : Singers are Actors too. Putting your personal emotional signature on every song you sing.
Learn How to Sing New Songs
Step 01 – Lesson 0106 : Learn to Sing New Songs Fast with the SongSMART System.

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  1. This is actually great. Relaxing your mind and body before you start singing can greatly help in better and effective singing. I usually drink a glass of water, clear the throat do some few yoga exercises and then begin to sing.

  2. Hello everyone, Gustavo here. Its great to know these steps before singing. I can share it to my daughter who loves singing. I never know that Yoga can also be a part of prepping yourself before singing. Proper care should also be noted by using our voice properly, not drinking too much cold drinks, sleeping early and warm water with salt to gargle every morning.

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