As it Relates to Singing!

As it Relates to Singing!

Hello Singers!

I have been asked a lot of questions lately about how the BODY, MIND and SPIRIT is connected to the sound a singer produces on a daily basis (why are some days harder than others) and how STRESS affects the singing voice.

As a performer myself, as well as vocal coach, I understand these questions very well. Every day can be a little different, especially when STRESS is added to the equation.

The best way to deal with anything that stands in your way and makes singing harder than it should be is to apply BETTER CHOICES. Over the next couple of weeks we are going to walk through a method I use personally and have taught to my students for many years: The Ten Steps to Singing Success™.

Understanding the choices involved with each of these singing steps will help you observe your own behavior, identify what is making your singing harder than it should be, and give you the power to make the needed adjustments to become the best singer you can be!

The first thing to understand is that Singers are Vocal Athletes, Artists and Intellecutal Musicians.


Singing well requires a balance of airflow, muscle coordination, strength and stamina.

If you were learning to play a sport you would learn all the rules before you hit the court or field right? The same is true for singing — you may not be able to execute everything from the get go, but understanding your goals will help you get there a lot faster.


Creating and sharing your signature voice requires creative expression and communication. Singer’s do more than just produce vocal tone, the ones that have you jumping to your feet in a standing ovation are actors too! So communicating the song’s message and sharing your emotions is a huge part of the equation.



Just like every road you drive down is a little different, so is each song. While there are many constants, learning to identify the SMART choices to make with each song performance will help you reach the level of expertise you long for FASTER. Be a SMART singer and analyze each song for it’s highs and lows, make better choices to ensure the money notes get their power and strength. Think about what you want to accomplish each song before you actually try to do it!

If you aren’t sure how to accomplish these things, stay tuned for the rest of this blog series where we will discuss the Ten Steps to Singing Success! With just a little practice you will be amazed at how easy singing can be — every single day.

Learn How to Sing Better with the 10 Steps to Singing Success
Learn the 10 Steps to Singing Success and become a SMART singer!


Step 01 Preparation: Tuning the Mind, Body and Spirit

Step 02 Airflow: Breathing for Singing

Step 03 Tone Creation: Best Tone for Least Effort

Step 04 Support: Diaphragm Strength, Flexibility and Stamina

Step 05 Resonation: Developing your Vocal Fingerprint

Step 06 Tone Placement: Learn to “Steer” the Vocal Machine

Step 07 Be Smart: SMART Choices

Step 08 One Voice: One Timbre throughout Your Vocal Range

Step 09 Vocal Performance (Polishing Your Vocal Fingerprint)

Step 10 Vocal Maintenance

If you don’t want to wait and want to get started right now. Click here for detailed singing lessons and courses you can download and study in the privacy of your home.

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