The A2Z Smart Music Group is always looking for new and improved methods to teach singing and help others FIND THEIR VOICE. In 2014 we began working in avatar based virtual worlds, opening a free music academy in and in 2016 in Why do we do this?  3D examples for vocal concepts can make a huge difference in your understanding. Unfortunately, setting up your computer for access to these virtual worlds can be a challenge.  Due to these challenges we recognized that we needed to continue looking for virtual options. Check out our first BETA EXPERIMENT in virtual training — all you have toRead More →

This amazing program is on sale this week at – while in-stock supplies last. TEACH YOURSELF TO READ MUSIC, A Guide for Pop, Rock, Blues and Jazz Singers by Jeffrey Deutsch Only $17.95 while supplies last. Knowing how to read music is an important skill for any singer or musician. Imagine standing in a studio and someone hands you a piece of sheet music — if you can sight read it and be ready in ten minutes, you get the once-in-a lifetime opportunity to sing for a nation-wide commercial. Or maybe you want to land that solo in church so you can share yourRead More →

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It’s true. You are stuck with the voice you were given at birth (**See exceptions below).  The size and shape of your vocal cords, along with the size and shape of your resonating cavities determines your unique and personal vocal fingerprint; but, that is also what MAKES YOUR VOICE SO SPECIAL. The GOOD NEWS is — if you don’t like the way you sound when you sing, YOU CAN CHANGE THAT! Most people who ask this question are singing with inferior technique, resulting in poor voice.  This is not the fault of the vocal instrument …it’s because of the unskilled musician playing it. Singing well requires a balance ofRead More →

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FREE SINGING LESSONS in Virtual World Environment. Inspiration Island on is currently building A2Z SingSmart™ Music Virtual Academy (Virtual Campus #2). Virtual world campuses provide an opportunity to learn concepts with 3D visual aids and also allows you to communicate with Coach Yvonne and other singers on their vocal training journey. Access to the A2Z SingSMART Virtual World Campuses is FREE! Virtual world campuses also provide the opportunity for singers to perform in front of world-wide audiences.  Using an audio stream (from your living room computer), you can sing live concerts! Join us today. Stay updated on our progress and learn how to joinRead More →

Preparing the Mind Body and Spirit is the one step most singers skip, sad to say, as not preparing to sing by relieving stress and bringing oxygen into your body is like playing a violin or guitar without tuning the strings first. There are many ways to accomplish this Singing Step from yoga, to physical cardio exercises of your choice to meditation.  Everyone is a little different and needs to find their own method to accomplish the tuning … but there are also constants.  Meaning…every singer will provide a better performance if there is less stress in the shoulders, jaw, face, neck, etc., and everyRead More →

Singing Lessons Introduction to the Ten Steps to Singing Success There are certain things that will make learning to sing much faster – and that is knowing the basics.  Getting the big picture before you get started on every little detail can speed up your singing development a great deal.  Don’t assume that this information is too basic for you, as many professional singers have read this little lesson and discovered answers to questions they had always wondered about.  Kind of like understanding the basic rules of any sport or game before you step on the field or roll the dice. This easy-to-read affordable lesson discussesRead More →

Hello Singers! I have been asked a lot of questions lately about how the BODY, MIND and SPIRIT is connected to the sound a singer produces on a daily basis (why are some days harder than others) and how STRESS affects the singing voice. As a performer myself, as well as vocal coach, I understand these questions very well. Every day can be a little different, especially when STRESS is added to the equation. The best way to deal with anything that stands in your way and makes singing harder than it should be is to apply BETTER CHOICES. Over the next couple of weeksRead More →