Step 00 – Things Every Singer Should Know

Step 00 – Things Every Singer Should Know

Singing Lessons Introduction to the
Ten Steps to Singing Success

Before you get started learning to sing, do you know the stuff every singer should know?

There are certain things that will make learning to sing much faster – and that is knowing the basics.  Getting the big picture before you get started on every little detail can speed up your singing development a great deal.  Don’t assume that this information is too basic for you, as many professional singers have read this little lesson and discovered answers to questions they had always wondered about.  Kind of like understanding the basic rules of any sport or game before you step on the field or roll the dice.

This easy-to-read affordable lesson discusses the basic ideas of many topics; from how we create our vocal sounds, how our voice relates to other instruments (and how we can use that information to our advantage), the overall understanding of resonance (very important!), muscle memory as it relates to the voice and singing and more!

By understanding these concepts you can become more effective and productive in your quest to become the best singer you can be…which means you will get there much faster!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for every singer!

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