Recommended Products

Recommended Products


Singing Lessons Online Download
Learn how to sing better with online singing lessons and downloads. These programs are both effective and affordable.

Free Singing Lessons and Tips are a great way to pick up pointers and make you think about things on the fly, but if you really want to learn how to sing at your best and become the vocalist of your dreams, we highly recommend studying with a more organized vocal training course.  Doing so will introduce you to concepts in a specific order, which will increase your speed of development and long-term understanding.


Vocal Health and Body Wellness
We recommend the following throat sprays, gargles and lozenges.

Sometimes vocal health products can be helpful to assist with allergy conditions, hydration issues and slight swelling from vocal fatigue.  There are many products out there, but choosing high quality organic products are your best bet.

Remember that no vocal health spray or substance will save you from the damage you cause to your voice through poor singing technique.  If you are using these items for relief after singing four or five songs, we highly recommend you study with a quality vocal training program to improve the quality of your singing.

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